practice num 2

Daisy walked into the living room oh god only the devil in here Where is my dad …Shop. she snapped I didn’t reply walking in the kitchen if you have to eat something make yourself a sandwich that’s it. Fucking treat this house like a hotel the devil said. Shove your sandwich up your Arse daisy shouted back as she walked up the stairs to her room slamming the door. only been in the fucking house five minutes starving fucking hungry daisy said to herself out loud. a few minutes later she heard the front door then her telling him to have a word with me I’m so rude footsteps on the stairs in here he cones her lap dog he knocked on the door Daisy didn’t even reply so her dad came in what’s going on what you asking me for she just told you my word won’t mean shit so no point can’t you just try Daisy was just about to shout at her dad then she remembered the party yeah ok I’m staying at Laura for the weekend helping her mum decorate is that, okay least I’ll be out the way can I have some money please he took twenty pound out of his pocket there you go don’t tell her I gave you it just cause another row of Daisy said her dad went back down stairs did you tell her not to be rude to me… yes love I try so hard to be nice and she throws it back in my face the devil said. Daisy laugh what a liar At least I got the party to look forward to and got money for a bottle she thought as she put her clothes in her bag for tomorrow
Daisy felt really sad as she lay in bed thinking about her dad how much he has changed she must have dozed of ……she woke up by the knocking in the door daisy you got to get up now
Yea she said she went downstairs she said to her dad would it be ok if I have a cup of tea and slice if toast, you don’t have to ask have whatever you like this is your home too. Can I daisy said looking at the devil with the biggest smirk SO Two cheese toasties and a large cup of tea daisy was feeling much better not only did she has a full belly she had seriously pissed of the devil and it not even 8 am daisy laughed as she runs up the stairs to get ready I’m going now be back after school Monday Daisy shouted as she was leaving OK Love dad replied Thanks for the money Dad Did you give her money I heard her say
Daisy laughed all the way to the station.

Laura was at the station already when Daisy got there she told her about her dad and she devil Laura said what a bitch why is she like that I really don’t know I told dad that I was staying at your for whole weekend if I can’t its ok I rather sleep on street then go back there SHUT UP You silly cow cause u can stay and if mum says no I know she won’t but then that’s ok we sleep on street together I know you would do the same yea of cause daisy said well that’s the sleeping arrangement sorted Laura said both girls laughed I told mum we got half day so we can go back early and get ready ok sounds good oh I got a twenty guilt money I’m so excited
How’s it going with you and Jamie daisy asked Laura
Oh, he is so lovely we were just about to you know what the other day and his stupid brother came home it’s going to happen soon I’m gone make sure of that they giggled it’s our 3-week anniversary tomorrow Laura said Daisy burst out laughing ooaa Laura is in love daisy joked

Well, don’t we scrub up well Daisy said we are looking hot them girl going be hating us Laura said they both giggled? There Jamie law she pointed to him standing outside the party go talk to him I’m going to get a drink and see what fit ties are here daisy said the place was packed and the music was so loud the bass was shaking the house. daisy said hello to a few people then headed towards the kitchen to get a drink that’s if she can squeeze past all these people DEE- DEE you came, hi Josh wasn’t going to miss this you know you have the best party’s you know this he said omg his him daisy said out loud Josh said who owe you know my bro Mitchell um no I mean Mitch come meet daisy. Hold on you two are brothers I never knew this she said.Mitch lived in south with his girl but she dumps him Josh said laughing .shut up you little shit Mitch said Josh walked of laughing be back in a min a minute dee he said
Ok Daisy be cool and stop staring at him she was saying in her head
I’m going to get a drink daisy said do you want one, you’re too young to drink must be past your bed time Mitch laughed.. what do I say come on think I’m so glad it’s dark ’cause I think I’ve gone bright red daisy thought I’m nearly 17 if you must know na you’re not I see you in your uniform yea cause I’m in six form wow daisy them lies just drop out a ya mouth Daisy was thinking. You do look a lot older, so what you got a boyfriend. No daisy said What a beautiful girl like you whys that, I’m waiting for someone particular oh is that right so what requirements must

he have laughing …why you laughing I’m not like them dirty girls just get with boys for the sake of it Daisy said. daze where have you been I’ve been looking for you for ages come they playing that tune lets go dance L