I often wondered how you can you have four children and even tho they all have different personalities never really changed any rules of the house they were all taught good manners that have stayed with them thankfully So my last child reached 13 before I say anymore more.All  of the kids are not  /perfect few issues  but generally good so back to my last born she reached 13 years old and it all went tits up and feeling sorry for me I thought how can this be Ive treated her the same loved her supported her first school I don’t think one day went past the school didn’t call and unfairly instead of seeing she had issues, problems they just didn’t have the time or skill one teacher said Quote  Don’t  need children like you in my school and when I went to the head and told her this she lied and said she didn’t say it my child became very angry defensive and A stink attitude to go with it To round things up, she went missing so many times me and the  missing person officers were on first name basis to add to that I can’t thank them enough for their time and effort.I believe  I have had contact with every police officer in my area As a parent this was the hardest time emotionally physically ECT  I never stopped loving Her but sometimes I didn’t  really like her sometimes. Anyway things are not perfect but we get on so well now she is very open with me she will call if she is going to be late and I know all her friend’s everything was a secret before.

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I left this post unfinished to see if someone may comment lol well you can’t knock me for trying 🙂 well the point of the post is that sometimes you as a parent have to take responsibility I really did believe I treated her the same way she was treated differently because she was the baby so her brothers always looked after their sister the older sister was grateful my young one took full advantage of this, in fact, she took the mic and with all honesty I got too comfortable presuming she would just be the same wrong move and with age didn’t have as many patients as before so looking back I did do things or allow things for an easy life you might not get this it is the only way to explain She felt so sure of the love from us. example police man told her that I said I wasn’t coming to get her to teach her a lesson her reply YOU NO HOW I NO YOUR LIEING MY MUM WOULD NEVER LEAVE ME So tough lOVE and let her learn the