#KELLZH.H&TAROTOk life is good …room for improvement Been working very hard on the computer I have learnt loads Haven’t had any help so I am very pleased with that Also enjoyed my writing still long way to go also Haven’t had a panic attack after posting lol I do hope some will read and enjoy if it’s not your cup of tea no problem I will carry on anyway lol .

I wrote a post earlier about expressing yourself well someone really hurt and upset me recently and I’ve have been trying to make out it’s not bothered me So I need to practice what I preach I said in my post earlier to let negative thoughts and feeling out so here goes the negative  It did bother me I was very hurt and upset ..because it was unexpected it threw me Anyway they say true colours come out eventually another lesson learned accept and move on

I will carry on my journey I am very proud of myself for what I have already achieved Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend #keep trying