I have read a few blogs about Becoming a parent /Children Firstly I would like to say I wouldn’t go back there for love nor money and Very Big Well done to all the lovely hard-working parents I send you Love, Peace and Hope LOLL I am a mum to four Children 28yrs -17 For all of them years if I had a pound for every time I said “I can’t wait til you get older I would be a rich lady lol. I don’t think it matters how many parents a Child has or from rich to poor OR Girl or Boy IT Hard F**KING Work I personally have experienced every emotion that I can think of and if you can think of any well them ones as well. I have Decided that my Father who is sadly not with us R.I.P Daddy send my youngest daughter as karma and to Pi** me off, In fact, it’s too early in the morning​ to even mention A Teenager In fact if you have to talk about them to​ them… Parent tip please only due this at a reasonable​​ time that it’s​ ok to get the Wine out of the Fridge and ask local Off licence​ if the do delivery in An​ EMERGENCY​ I should​ have had the sentences recorded on alto play “Am I the only F**KING Idiot that’s​ going to do anything​ in this House/I don’t​ know why I bother And ​throw in a couple of WHY ME’S lol On the flip said I wouldn’t​ want it​ any other way All four Children have Grown into​ the most Amazing, ​Caring Adults The Love and respect​ I have in My House Is Price-​less I am a Very Blessed and Rich Lady.So take the rough with the Smooth​ The love with the Hate (they will hate you lol it’s​ only temporary​) and enjoy every single moment​ And just to finish off​ I need A new recording that says​’s ” I miss my babies​ the washing cleaning even the arguments I Have to look for washing to make a full load wt f loll Wait oh don’t​ think it ends there lol they leave then ​come back and ………lol.
To my four Beautiful Children, I will love,​ ​Support and Guide you to my very last Breath ❤ XXXX​ P.s Still only be babysitting once a week