AS a Domestic violence survivors  I know now I would never put myself In a place where you need to fight for life or would I stay in a relationship that was abusive But I will never forget what I had to go through to be able to say that The hurt, pain and Heartbreak Also so much guilt why!! didn’t I leave sooner Hating myself for even putting me and the children in that Environment because of my poor choices I personally don’t think you can ever recover fully But You can be free to build a happier, safer life for you and your family It makes me sad to think that another human being can bring someone down so low to take pleasure from the fact that you have broken that Beautiful person<3
No-one has the right to abuse anyone, It’s not just women who suffer Men do to After years of abuse you feel you have no fight left and no way-out well I am telling you there is dig deep it’s there I promise
There is so much help out there I can’t tell you that it’s an easy because it’s not It’s all worth it

The abuse may tell you that he /she will hurt you or family members if you try to leave which creates the fear.and they know most times you will take this serious because you don’t know if they will carry out the threat
Your fat useless No-one likes you your Ugly if it wasn’t for the BLA BLA BLA
Darling the only ugly one is the abuser His./Her Cruel UGLY cold heart I could go on and on none of this is acceptable
Do what ever it takes to get away I know you’re scared but you can do it.I have some tips that might help IM NOT GOING TO SHARE THESE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME
kellysmith77@hotmail.com #Staystrong #keepfighting #willhelpifneed