CHOICES PART 2≠≠≠bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

If wanted to change  and make life better I had to look within myself well that wasnt easy I didn’t want to belive what I saw and what a fool id been So when I was making them wrong choices the few people who did love and care for me I had let them down hurt them but I was lucky they never gave up on me and gave me a chance to make it right I am so sorry also blessed ,grateful for them excepting this At that time I thought if I cant change for myself I will do it for the special people in my life I have sufferd many Issues because of Thoughtless Choices I have made  learning  the hard way. Start by being true to yourself

I take full responsibility for any hurt or disrespect I may have caused from my choices I am still working hard to improve my life my skills and I am doing this for myself to be a better person for my beautiful family to make happy loving memory’s

It hasn’t been easy but I have looked deep inside I have tried to improve what didn’t make me happy but the most important thing I gained was to go with my gut feeling I never go against it If it doesnt feel right don’t do it

Do not make decisions choices when you are Angry depressed not thinking straight and never when you have had a few glasses or bottles lol I’m talking life Changing choices ect #Stop,Look,Listen

next….. make your choices based on your life ,family…