16:45 24/08/2017
The last few weeks have been how shall we put it SHIT ….I must admit I did feel a bit sorry for myself lol I felt like just has everything was going reasonably well Then everything that could go wrong did ;Example I set one of my goals to be more organized Then my computer Crashed took so long to restore it But I caught up with myself Then couldn’t Connect to the Internet for four days my Provider said I have a fault on the line NO they cut me of because my balance was 80p outstanding Are they for f**king real Anyway I’m more unorgainized than I was before ….Then I said to myself Stop being a Sulky little Cow and sort it out So on the up side All them jobs I have been promising to do I do while the computer was down I saw my Children that was nice Dont see much If them when the Internet is on… So thats my Positive I have to remind myself that it is so easy to slip back to old patterns of Feeling low ,Depressed feeling like im the only one in the world who is having a bad week You can never stop moving forward.
I am Alive I Have a Beautiful Healthy Family and I’m able to put food on my table and for that Im forever Thankful and Blessed