UPDATE ON KELL’Z JOURNEY she believed she could, so she did!

A year ago I found out that I had Diabetic I Wasn’t to surprised I Was overweight ,Over Stressed. I Also found out what some people were about, True colours and really had no choice but to wipe the shit out of my eyes .I am the first person to say  if you know your being treated badly and do nothing you have  got no-one to blame but yourself I love to be able to help people  If I can I Believe and trust any information and tips that I give and my aim is to carry on to achieve my Goals and dreams SO I needed to practise my own advice  and remove the  Negative from around me which I have done Looking back I  felt a little bit Embarrassed that I allowed people to treat me that way and took advantage Of my kindness and friendship  I have Excepted it,Took Responsibility for it Then I Dash it out….Back to the Diabetic I knew I had to lose some Weight  for my Health I was quite Happy hiding behind my fat self  well that is what I told myself ….In total  lost 6. Stone 5 lb I can fit into jeans That I couldn’t get over my thighs And I’m starting to Notice things I’m doing  that I Couldn’t /wouldn’t do before It Is over ten years since I’ve been this size and I Feel really good and proud of Myself And I know now I’m In Recovery and My Healing is working CHVRCHES is the best for getting me pumped at work  #typography #type…  #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists ATSocialMedia.co.uk