I was having a look through some blogs I hope I can write  BlogS as good as  some of the very interesting One I have read . I Saw a lot regarding the children going back to school  this is the first year in 27 years  and four Children that I  haven’t had a child in Education OMG  I feel old LOL I don’t think ill miss it school uniforms and the price of them I think it’s so bad what they charge and It’s not like you have choice if the children can wear it They sent my daughter home because her skirt was 1cm to short well unlike them i don’t walk around with a ruler the phone would ring and if it was in school time i would feRelated image​​​​​​​el the dread go over me (What has she done now i thought But there is One thing that I’m so glad i don’t have to do and that is wake my daughter up for school It was like I continually called her name for like A hour  OH this used to stress me out and when she did get up she would say what you stressing for T he funnest thing when there was school holidays she would be up dressed and on her phone by 7.30 AM