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I have been reading some lovely blogs/post about parenting.On most of them  we all agree it’s not easy and it definatly not like them books I read on pregnancy’s Have baby feed change bum oh and wind then put them to bed Haha. Problem with children they never go the way you want them to also speed um running late so they go extra slow the swearword you said at breakfast that they didn’t hear oops They say it on repeat,,when they picked up

speed running around the supermarket ……I give him the glare the one that says get here now lol

Then the wait till you get home is said with gritted teeth lips don’t even move hahahaha. so just before  major panic,anxiety Melt down The lovely old lady kindly says Don’t be horrible he just want to play and then the snide remark to Granny no 2 about I should calm the kid down Please for-give me at that moment I did feel to get my tomato sauce and squirt it over her head  I didn’t do it.

I found having one child very hard you are not just mummy you are friend, play mate and the one who has to answer all those   “why ” Question  :)So my thinking  was of Have another child it won’t take long for youngest one to be friends ,pals etc OK that went bit Tits up went on to have four more children then came up with a really good idea I dumped the dead beat In honesty should have done that long before

Image result for mummy has got you

No I never ended up  in the mental health ward I missed it by the skin of my teeth It’s all Good Mummy’s I made It Children’s ages 17 YEARS -27 years who are amazing and make me so proud Daughter-in law a very special lady and  the most Beautiful boy in the world MY GRANDSON ❤ PHEWWW  LOL I am Blessed all the hard work paid off I give thank’s for my blessing…….

To all the hard-working mummy/Daddy’S I send you lots of love Enjoy the time with the child