8 Symptoms of Meningitis

Skin rashes are also possible with meningitis. With this test, it’s very easy to detect a simple rash that is not connected to meningitis.

Take a clear glass, apply it to the rash, and press it firmly against the skin until it turns pale. If the spots turn pale together with the skin, the person doesn’t have meningitis. If the rash doesn’t fade, then you should seek medical attention.


Sudden fever

Severe headache

Double vision

Stomachaches, nausea, and vomiting

Sensitivity to bright light

Rigidity of the occipital muscles

Inability to unbend legs

Unfading skin rashes

Meningitis is a dangerous disease, which is why if any of these symptoms are detected you should instantly call an ambulance. You should provide the sick person with rest, quiet, and dimmed lights in the room until the doctor arrives.

You should inform the doctor about all detected symptoms. It is highly discouraged to refuse hospitalization when there is suspicion of meningitis because it’s possible to treat it effectively only in the inpatient department