I am not trying to disrespect anyone Everything I have said I have told my Teenage Daughter many times My aim is  Awareness and maybe even Prevention So from a Mummy who was once a dick head Teenage To all you Beautiful women Don’t watch what others are doing. just be you Much Love to all 

P.s Not all Guys are the same there are All Real strong men out there taking care of there own Can only respect them and hope one day u meet one 🙂 Related image
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If he can go without contacting you, chances are that he or she is spending that time with someone else.
doesn’t answer your phone calls or respond to your text messages. Hmmm… That may be because he or she has placed you on DO NOT DISTURB or MUTE. Why? To avoid getting caught by his or her main peice while they are happily spending quality time together.

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If you’ve never been invited to special events or gatherings that would require a formal introduction to friends, chances are that you don’t exist in their world. Why? Because they don’t know about you. And frankly, he or she probably has no plans of ever telling them about you.    NEVER ignore the signs.

Any female that is a side bitch or the main bitch that knows it has a side bitch you are suffering from low self Esteem Low self-Worth I am telling you that you need to urgently get help support and  advice to learn Self Respect self-love and standards There is nothing that can be said to be able to Defend a Weak Disrespectful BOY! WHO has no style or Decorum  GF he knows what he is doing he thinks he is to Nice. the method in the madness see whats happening around you Sis, maybe you’re there for other reason.

The history lesson above  about women who thought for women to be able to leave disrespectful and abusive relationships and become self-reliant strong Independent women Not once did it I see in my history  Research that it ok to share let’s hope it washed in between omg So wrong  A man who lives on the back of a women/girl, In my opinion, is not a man  I would never judge anyone for what they do to make money to survive as I know hard times What I am saying is Grow some Balls and do it yourself

When you are strong with Self-love Self respect anyone that you bring in your life is there because you want them to be not because you need them Therefor if they Mistreat you, “SEEEEE YA DASH IT. ” What you are saying is if you are not treating me as I expect to be treated then I’m walking

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