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When you seek or feel you need the Attention love of approval from someone and you keep on trying regardless of how many times they disrespect you reject you even when you try to be a good person and help and care for them in their time of need and then when your life is falling apart and in desperate need for help with your hands out for  help  they watch  you and take pleasure from you sinking you can either give up and go under or you fight and claw your way out using all the wicked things that were done to you and   them cruel words spoken for strength and survival

from you have been at the lowest point and made it to the top again without love support or guidance you will never need to seek even want their attention , love or approval there for you have taken back your power and they can never hurt you again

I owe no one because I carried my own arse here  I know I am not perfect and I dont have a lot but it all mine I have much love support and respect around me that make me a very rich Lady unconditional Real love PRICELESS

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