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Fear, self-doubt Lack of Self-esteem and Confidence can make you feel you can’t   deal with situations in your  life so you may accept help from people who have not got your best interest at heart Or they see your vulnerable and fear and can use this as a way to Manipulate it to use to their own advantage . Sadly you will tolerate the disrespectful behaviour, you feel you can’t walk away because of the fear of not being able to go it alone.

I know first hand that you just need to have more faith in yourself You don’t know how strong you are until there is no choice but to carry in and fight. There was a time in my life I felt I was so desperate for help but no help or love came so in that day I had to grow up, Be brave.  Yes, I struggled with this, In fact, I was drowning in Fear Sadness Grief and Loneliness but I fought for life and I made it out by the skin of my teeth. I didn’t believe I could Now pick myself up and fight to heal and recovery From the lowest point of my life but there was no choice Fight for life or end my Life.

When I was first in healing and Recovery I just could get my head around the need to for forgiving “I don’t think so”  Why would you forgive those who had Hurt you and disrespected you so much It didn’t make No Sense to me.

To Recover and Heal from Trauma and  Abuse you will never move on with Negative thoughts and Feelings You Forgive, don’t allow the hate bitterness consume your life Let it go Be free to Aim for  Happy Healthy Life, Relationship

Always be grateful for your Blessings and Be Kind to others so there don’t have to every feel Unloved, Unwanted     ‘Noactofkindnessgoesunnoticed


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