Parenting Teenagers…  K, L.Smithz

You never hear any positive news today about young people Only that they are still abusing and killing each other They are running wild on the streets. Why is this Happening, Why isn’t anything being done and where does the responsibility lie, The Parents, Social services or the police What I know from my own Experiences with my own daughter I had a Nightmare two years with her Running away/Missing Making poor choices,

You can Ground your child up until the age of 16 years old

If your child wants to leave the house you can not physically stop them as this is Assault and you can be Arrested. Every time my daughter went missing ME and my family would search for her and ask her to please come home (Advice given ) If she decides she doesn’t want to come home I have to let her walk away  To round it up the Authorities gave her A free pass to do what she likes and have no respect for what I have to say as her Mother, Then social services told me I have no control or boundaries with my daughter and Most young people run away because of neglect and abuse at Home I am not saying this isn’t true with some children but   Believe me my daughter has never been abused she had a condition called Spoilt brat syndrome.

You can’t make up the rules then blame others when they don’t work what kind of stupidness is that. You Took all our rights as parents from us from where I am sitting the children are worse than ever Does that mean you have no boundaries or control and are Abusing them. I did everything I could to support my daughter I asked for help many times and received none apart from the very special people at Missing persons at my local police station I am very grateful for their kindness and support

On the flip side Some parents I think have misunderstood the meaning of making your children Independent Lack of Love, Care Support and Guidance and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard mothers say it’s my time now What does that mean you can’t just stop taking responsibility for your children when they reach a certain age .

I am happy to say that myself and my daughter worked hard to rebuild our relationship and we are back on track. ….k.L.Smithz









baby girl Make contact so we know you are okay STAY SAFE  Love you always Mummy N0 2 will always be here for you xxxxx

This Beautiful young lady is Missing,The way she and her mother was treated In a sneaky Underhand way by the authorities is disgraceful They may feel they have reasons but there are ways of treating people and children  In a respectful way I believe a lot of parent does not like to report their child missing because of the underhand Bully tactics, lack of care, compassion and understanding MOST of these people who are so Judgmental have learnt all they know out if a book Never have they experienced Poverty Emotional breakdown, D.V Abuse of all kinds and so much More There are all living in a Fantasy world what they get from their books Get in the real world God help you if your a family with children living in povery because you get treated like shit..k,L.Smithz


I have loads of information and contact details for Parents of Children Missing/Runaway can share contact me anytime  kellysmith77@hotmail.com.