#Love again No 2

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To heal and recover from past abuse and trauma you have to look within yourself and be really honest, look for your Strengths and  weakness so you can change and  improve yourself  Also Accepting you had bad experiences, Made mistakes or people treated you badly whatever it is in your case, Now  let it go and move on in  a positive way address any issues you  may have and don’t be afraid to seek help Go and see your doctor there are many services out there but you need a referral from your doctor. I did this myself it hasn’t been easy I except that my poor choices contributed to some of the problems and situation I found myself in I was seeking love,  attention from all the wrong places and people to substitute what I was lacking from my father The feeling of not being loved. Abandoned and Asking what was wrong with me?  why couldn’t he love me this  stayed with me for as long as I can remember So my self Esteem and worth was very low From my Healing and hard work I no longer ask why sometimes there just Is no answers I love myself, my own company  and I try to be a kind caring person I am blessed to have special people who love and support me as I do them it is unconditional and natural Love I wake up every morning with a full and grateful heart. The reason I share this is so if anyone is feeling as I  did  and giving up hope Please don’t there is always hope you can come back from this sadness  I continue to work on my recovery and I know as honest as I have been I got something wrong which I would like to correct The first lesson is to learn to love yourself, respect yourself  Be Able to express yourself in a confident positive way Having Boundaries and expectations you should not go in to a new relationship until then.I decided I am happy to be single for the rest of my life I blocked myself from even thinking about having a relationship If I’m honest I have been generally happy But to say it’s not an option to meet someone new is wrong or to say I miss the company or even the sex AmI avoiding this because of fear of being hurt or of rejection so I could miss out on meeting someone very nice and having a happy healthy relationship because of my fears.  So right now you may be saying never but keep your options open and if you are in Healing and recovery include how to be able to love and be loved again don’t shut yourself off from the idea Whatever you do Be positive be strong love yourself  GOD BLESS BE HAPPY.Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

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I think I could force myself to love this beautiful man x