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If you are blessed with Beautiful people around who love, support and guide you as you do them, Always take care and respect this relationship because it very hard to find a relationship/friendship which is 100% real soiled gold and no amount of money can buy this, It’s Priceless.

As your own person  always Know that you are strong enough to carry yourself  in life regardless of who is in it meaning, If Loved ones/friends  are In your life,  Enjoy your time with them,  But if it was to be taken you would  have room to choose how you move on because they were there because you  wanted them to be. When you start to feel you need and rely on others your ability to see genuine over Cheap Fake snide  will be poor so when this goes you have no choice but to ride the storm and learn a hurtful lesson.

So before you go into relationship Can you honestly say If you really had to, you love yourself27edproducts.jpg.999xx11100% enough to be able to live your life independently, Never to allow Negative  people in your life and Keeping your standards at a maximum.

If the Answer is yes, Then go forward and enjoy your life

If the answer is No then Step back, Take time work on yourself

Quarantined  Genuine Article

Written by Kelly Smith.  01/02/18