To parents of a Teenagers who are from another planet, It was reported The most common reason that teens run away are family problems. Alcohol or drugs also can play a role in teens’ running away. Often, teens may run away because of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse at home.

abuse (violence in the family) parents separating or divorcing or the arrival of a new  Stepparent,  Death in the family, Birth of a new baby, financial worries kids or parents drinking alcohol or taking drugs problems at school peer pressure failing or dropping out of school.

Most of the articles I  have read said manly the same thing I do not dispute that some children run away from home because of these reasons and my heart goes out to them but what about the hard-working parents who love and care for their children and the children do not respect them or what they have been given and they are Just ungrateful spoilt people,

My own daughter run away I have made mistakes as a parent, but I have always worked hard to correct them   I want all they stressed out Mums and Dads who are trying their best for their children who do not abuse them, beat them or drink or take drugs,  keep Trying,  Nowhere on that lists does it say that your child is a just a  spoilt selfish brat.

Social service

I was Informed that I have not set boundaries, Many times it was suggested that there must be problems at home for her to keep running away I reported her missing every time. Myself and family members would search the streets for her I believe we found her every single time except once, I was told to ground her,  Then told if she wants to leave the house you have to let her go and  I cannot forcibly stop her from leaving because this would be Assault, but I can ask her not to leave please, Than to be told I didn’t set boundaries when she refused to stay after I asked so politely, Nope because you gave my child a free pass to disrespect me and to do what she likes. For almost a year I asked for help , I often Felt like I was being set up for a full because Every family judged the same, Sometimes from social worker who has never experienced struggles in their life From Poverty to domestic violence I have always found a way to make sure my children didn’t go without, I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

If you have never been in that situation you would not know how it feels, The stress the disruption on your family, I have helped young people who have told me how unhappy at home they are, I give them contact numbers for Help /Advice some just want to talk and be heard,   Other Young people said they went missing because they wanted to stay out with friend, I think the saying is,(Because the streets are lite :)I do what I can for the girls and my first bit of advice is to make sure you  tell mummy Where are  and that you  are safe,  The worry and stress of not knowing where they are is not fair. Let missing person in our local police station no that I have spoken to them.  Not for one minute am I saying I’m the best Mum in the world I messed up I made mistakes I can’t change that but I tried and I gave all I have to love and protect my children I now have four Adult children who are Beautiful kind caring people (Most of the time 🙂 )


if a Conversation gets a bit heated or your child is getting rude end It,  Tell them you will talk to them later when you have both calmed down This gives you a chance to chill out and not get too upset and think of plan A, b or c.

Always call the police. If your child does not return , Don’t fear what others think, I don’t know what the police officer’s thought of me and at that time finding my daughter was more Important, I believe every officer that was from my local police station has come to my address when my daughter went missing, it was every other day, The last time she went for three weeks I was sick with worry. I have nothing but gratitude for the Missing person unit in my local police station They helped me so much Thank you x

I belive that a report goes to social services every time you call the police to report your child missing and for the children who are being abused and misstreated, Hopefully, this will get them the help they need  I know people are put off calling them because the lack of trust people have  for social services Please don’t stress you need to call the police for two reasons 1 Most important the safety of your child If and its a big if, your child was at risk or in danger ECT  the police are already aware of your child, and secondly if you didn’t call the police and something did happen I know I wouldnt be able to forgive my self and social services would have something to say then for sure Belive me you are not the only parent that is struggling with a teenage.

If  they keep running away, contact the school to make sure there is no problems Bullying or struggling ECT

About friend don’t automatically think  It is Her/ his friends Fault It was hard to except that they were all as bad as each other My child included.

Try to talk to them I know that’s not easy sometimes.  Who understand mumble lol I told my daughter I will always love her and support her and never to feel she couldn’t come home.  keep trying keeping loving and supporting that’s all you can do Please remember that not all parents are child abusers and if you have done your best to care and love them Don’t let any Agency’s make you feel that you are a bad person.


My relationship with my daughter is good now we talk lots more Yes there is room for Improvement But she is safe and We like each other again for know 🙂

My personal opinion and lack of trust for Social service are not of the people themselves. The Guidelines and the Government who bully the poor and vulnerable are who Failed us.

Written by Kelly Smith