Abandoned, Unloved and Disregarded 

These three words can truly damage a Childhood, Teenager Right up To Adulthood.

Also how you respond to situations in your life, Relationships Career. your thought pattern. making your decisions and  Life choices very unbalanced which can cause devastating results even Dangerous.

Before I continue what I have written is not to set blame or Judge anyone its to maybe prevent hurt pain and abuse in the future,  from maybe unintentional action, Or you can relate to what is being said there for you may still have time to repair or at least  Acknowledge and apologize.


No child asked to be born it is the decision of two people, Every single child should be loved treated with respect and taught how to grow into a responsible Confident caring person.I know from my own experiences that not all of our children are born sweet little Angel and they need that little bit more Attention and time.  I don’t  think there would be many parents if honest can say they haven’t  got it wrong at some time. 

A lot of parents presume that once their child reaches an age that their job is done, I would never belittle anyone’s struggle I have often wondered where does it end lol. Especially young girls age 12-16 they need love support and guidance more than ever, I believe they are at  their most vulnerable, Unsure time and their self Esteem and worth can be at its lowest They then can become  a target for sexual exploitation, manipulation drug dealing, and use. A lot of young people don’t realize what they are getting into until it is too late, fearing there is no way out or no choose but to continue this life path.

If as a parent you have taken a step back believing your child is more self-reliant. what can happen the child could feel you weren’t concerned about them so when they are in trouble  they don’t feel they can come to you for help and guidance Feeling Abandoned, Unloved and Disregarded so they make choices and decision  when there are vulnerable, scared and feeling alone and where that will take them, god, only Knows

Keeping it Real

Make sure your children are aware of the dangers they could face I was very Honest with my children about Drugs, Sex, Explotataton especially my girls Nothing in life is free and unconditional unless it from your family when someone is offering you gift for no reason than to be suspicious I gave them confidence I tell my children every day I love you Baby, How beautiful they are  so until they meet their life partner they do not need to seek attention from other’s who may not have the same good intention. my youngest made me work hard lol but we got there in the end.

I promised to Love Support and Guide my children till my very end

Please let your children know you are there for them if they need you I know how hard and frustrating it can be as a  parent, when I look at my Adult children now my heart is full of love and pride and all the times I wanted to run out the door when the struggle was so bad,  It was all worth it imagesmummmmm