Two Different Family’s, but the pain and the rejection hurts just the same whether you have a Penny or a Pound   ONE LOVE …


Callie was born into a very wealthy family her father owning many companies all over the world whatever Callie wanted she received. Her parent worked hard to become the respected people in the community their status was a priority They were sponsors of very well-known charities. Callie spent her whole childhood seeking her parent attention and approval but they were always so busy with charity dinners her father’s company etc.   She was often left at home with the housekeeper/ Nanny while her parent was away on business. When Callie was fifteen she met Stephen He showered her with Gift complements and attention until she gave in and had sex with him, Then Stephen would only call her when it suited him.  A few months later she still hadn’t had her period so she did  a pregnancy test which came back as positive, Callie was distraught How would she tell her family,

Callie and Stephen married when they were 17 and their son Soul was one-year-old, Callie’s father made sure this happened putting so much pressure on her and Stephen.  Callie went along with this to try to claw back some respect from her father, Stephen told Callie many  times that he has nothing but hate for her that she had trapped him,. He Disrespected, Violently Abused and sexually  Violated Callie with great force for many years.

Callie was in the kitchen making tea and her son said, “Mum , why do you let him treat you this way He is an animal I hear what he does to you I hear you cry Callie looks at her son there was no stopping her tearsI just wanted someone  to love me she sobbed I love you mum





jay was born to a drug addict Mother who would sell her soul to get more drugs father Unknown. Jay and her sibling life were hard, violent and abusive The children were always hungry they would take turns to a shoplifter in the supermarket to get food. their mother never cooking them a meal in their whole life, Jay felt she had to take responsibility for her brother Carl and sisters Jenny and Page  being the eldest even when their mother decided she wasn’t able to go out to work as a street worker so My sisters who were 6-9 years old would have to “make  the man happyshe said, I couldn’t let them be abused. So made the man happy that night when he Abused me. Damaged me was the night I lost the little bit of love I had left for the so-called mother, I lay in my bed my whole body hurting the sobs shock through me Carl said  It’s going to be ok Sis don’t cry

she was laying on the sofa of her head on drugs,Carl stabbed her over and over screaming I hate you when I ran down the stairs she was dead and so was Carl he had to slit his own throat.



This was written by myself  Kelly Smith, The people and situations are all created by me and do not relate to anyone known to me,