To say I had a serious case of empty nest syndrome would be putting it mildly When my eldest son went to live with his girlfriend, my other Son was going off to Uni, I was distraught It did matter how much they said |We will be coming back, mum|Looking back I was really overprotective of the children They make fun of me now,

My son said to brother/sisters

Do you remember when school finished at 4 O’clock and without fail at 4.03-4.05 mum would be calling you lol,

Home, Children, Dinner Noise Music I loved it

I felt lost, sad not needed, I didn’t ever think I would recover.

The boys have left home 2-3 times and moved back All of the kids are living their life I see them often,  I enjoy my own company.  It’s work in progress As hard as it was for me see my children leave this is what I had worked so hard for Strong Independent people buy also knowing I’m here if they need me.