Looking out for the young ones…


Until my last daughter became a teenager I saw myself as a open-minded person/parent believing I knew all I needed to know about teenager’s, I was a firm but fair mother and then my cute sweet beautiful daughter proved me wrong. She surprised me when I thought nothing could shock me. She spoke a language what must have been only for young ones. The few sentences I did understand was, That’s not fair. Can I,  Well my friends mum lets her.  The girl got me confused I was doubting myself, Am I being unfair or mean? I just wanted her to understand that I love her  and I want to protect her I wasn’t prepared   to lose the relationship with my baby girl,  So I had to look at myself also Okay I didn’t understand, I got frustrated I suppose your view as a parent is I’m the adult and you’re a child do as your told and I speak for myself there were times I had to question who is the adult here and say to myself grow up,   I felt I was failing my daughter and the more I tried to put thing right or to show her how much I  loved her I would just  nag even telling myself to shut up.

The question you ask is if you don’t tell me how you are feeling, or whats wrong how can I understand.

To the young ones,

Please believe me if you have a parent who nags or doesn’t understand you, it is a parent’s instinct to protect their, child, because they care and love you. just once in a while think how would you feel if you had No one nagging or calling you every ten minutes 🙂 give the  olders a chance lol

Always let you parents know you are okay, They may be pissed off because you didn’t come home but don’t let them have to worry and stress that somethings may have happened to you , Don’t punish them for loving you.

If you have problems, issues  that you feel you can’t take to your parent please seek help and advice from a family Member Teacher, Child-line or maybe a friend;s  mum.                                                                                     kellysmith77@hotmail.com        feel free to contact me if you need to talk or  need some advice I will help you as much as I can. Take care stay safe x

To, Parent of teenagers.

Don’t take what your child says to personal because you will start question yourself as a parent, your child wants something and knows how to play the game of making you feel bad,

Step back.  Tell your child you are there if they want to talk,if they don’t feel comfortable talking to you encourage them to speak to other family members, teacher or  School advice,

Make it clear of the rules of the house, Times to be home on weeknights  and weekend. If a conversation gets too heated ask them to leave the room and you will talk later giving them chance to calm down, and stopping you from getting frustrated and angry.

If you know you have done your best for your children there is no more you can do, It is a shitty time for parent and teenager,  I learned the hard way with my girl, I had to say,  I will love you forever. please don’t ever feel you can’t come home and  I will support and guide you through any problems or issues you may have. it broke my heart to say but I had done all I could and more,  We have a really good relationship now, we still have the rules of the house, It’s a good feeling talking and laughing together Don’t give up,  don’t be afraid to seek help or advice, that’s you just showing your love and commitment to your child kellysmith77@hotmail.com.  please contact me for any advice or contacts you may need for assistance.