Life’s Journey update

Wednesday 21st February 2018

My goals were to Wake up every morning grateful I have been blessed with another day, My special people are happy and healthy and I can provide a meal for the family table. I give Thanks, x.

More focused and organized, Do not start other projects until the last one is finished.  Keep researching, learning and Improve my Grammar.

Try very hard have a healthy eating plan and weight loss. Seek volunteer work to give back to the community also a way to become more sociable and meet new people to make it a little closer to my Dream.

I am truly grateful for the love and support I am blessed with imagestick 2

Focused and organized much better I have a system, room for improvement yes, I have been doing a lot of research still learning, as for grammar  I hate it, but I will continue and have been checking and rechecking my writing,

okay everything else not as good as I had hoped’

Healthy eating I have acquired a need for chocolate,  before I was diagnosed with Diabetic’s  it was very rare I would eat chocolate, was a savory kinda girl,  I now have a chocolate stash for my treat.   As for my weight loss I either lose a couple of pounds or gain a couple, ok I know, it’s the chocolate lol, I am not too worried YET, In total, I have lost 6 ST 6-7 lb in 15, months.

I have been getting advice from a lovely lady about Volunteer work, I have no issues with working in a charity shop more Than happy to do so. But remembering why I am doing this, I left school at 13years old because family issues, I have been alone since then I  have Experienced Great loss, trauma, and abuse from which I didn’t think I would be able to recover from, some I don’t believe I will.

I taught myself how to read and write, to use the computer,  How to be an adult, women, mother and to cook, My poor children Lol yea I got it wrong as I had no guidance, not just the cooking 🙂

Sad Lonely, Unwanted Unloved, Deserted and Self-destruction are all negative feelings I can relate to. If I can use these experiences to help.Support and Hopefully prevent others from this pain and hurt then this is what I’m going to do.

My last word is …. I am a strong, independent Survivor I Carry my own Shit,  I hold on tight to my power I will continue my journey and Missions nothing or no one will Prevent me from getting why I need to be.   imageson way