How do you forgive,

Feelings of Hurt, Rejection, Loneliness, Betrayal, Sadness, and Confusion are just a few Negative Emotions we can sometimes feel for many reasons because of the action of others or your own actions.

Ways to cope or deal with these feelings, Seek Help from your GP or a counselor, Self-help, but sometimes to protect yourself from hurt pain we can become defensive, Revengeful, Bitter and  Unable to trust or express positive emotions, with friends partners and loved ones,

Because Unfortunately, not everyone has the Amazing skill of being a psychic so if they don’t know about your past hurt, trauma or abuse you could come across as Cold unfriendly and uncaring. some people will be in denial so they can’t understand why this is happening and they may go on to isolate themselves to protect against future negative feelings. If you have a friendship/ relationship that you wish to continue to Make them aware of your past history you don’t have to give details enough to say that sometimes it can affect moods ECT and for them to not take it personal A genuine person who wants your friendship will understand and for those who don’t do you really need people like that in your life anyway .

I think I can honestly say I have felt all of the emotions above over the years, In reality, I should have sought help, but  Shame, pride, denial, and fear prevented me from doing so although I have come along way in my healing and recovery. I do have a little regret that I didn’t  seek the help earlier

The beginning of my recovery

Learning ways to remove negative thoughts and turning them in to positive, Forgiving the people and yourself for past hurt and letting it go in order to move on. My thoughts then were, well they might not be psychic but I’m not a magician either 🙂 and the thought of forgiving certain people well that’s not going to happen,

If you can’t forgive, You will go through life asking why?., why was I treated this way, why couldn’t they love me,  and so on

Sometimes there is no answer, or reason speaking for myself I begged pleaded for their love and attention and was still rejected,  what kind of person does that not one I would like to have in my life. from you no longer seek anything or anyone you are able to let it go and move on .

To hate is an Emotion so the person you are hating is still affecting your life in a negative way I don’t either hate or love, allowing me to be free from burden.

Going in the direction of Happiness.bbbbbbloMuah