Good Morning, I don’t know if it’s my age but I don’t think I have ever been so cold I think I should stay in bed until it gets warmer.

The cost to keep the heating on to be warm is, to be honest criminal, especial for low-income families with little people.

So I thought I would share some tips to keep the house warm.

Try and put the heating on the morning to take the chill off, again for a little while in the afternoon, if the kids are home If not, sorry Mummys/ Daddy try and keep busy. Make hearty dinners Stews casseroles Dumplings,

Make sure the little ones have sock, slippers vest t-shirt warm jumper 3941cold

In the evening Keep one room warm, living room really would be best where everyone can chill, Shut the doors, curtains, and quilts from the bed, Put the heating on in the evening for a little while, and give the children Horlicks or drinking chocolate for there bedtime drink. put extra blankets on the beds if you have them

Seal all windows with a tape of a sort if they have a draft, My windows are pants if I don’t Seal them I might as well be sitting in the garden, Also use rolled up towels for the bottom of the doors.

If you have an elderly neighbor Please check on them when you have time, make sure they have essentials milk bread ECT So they don’t need to go out, Also their home has Heating and they are using it. If you have concerns about them Please contact Age concern or social services In an Emergency always call 999.    Thank you x

Ps If you live in my house and you are over the age of 16 unless your paying take your fingers off my heating go put a hat on lol xxx




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