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Self Development & Motivation

The Price

My daughter was looking online for a moisturizing and cleansing cream. My first point is how expensive they are for a very small pot of cream,
Secondly how many different ones there are
I said to my daughter “you don’t need all the expensive creams your skin is beautiful and soft” her reply “yes because I use them expensive creams” well I can’t say much to that can I only she had beautiful soft skin before using these creams.
It is very important to take care of your skin and if these creams work for you then that’s great I just want to make the point that you can buy very reasonably priced cream as well. The most important thing is that you are taking care of yourself,
⁂Self Love is Priceless and cannot get it in a pot. x ⁂‧‧



Prices of funerals
I was reading an article, about how much debt people can get in from the unfair prices of a burial/funeral One man said he was quoted £6,500 up to £9,000 wow This gentleman is now in £3000 of debt I’m sure we are all the same when we lose a loved one we want to give them the best send of, If you have the means for this then that’s fair enough but for others less fortunate this can put pressure on the family at this already difficult time. If you have done the best you can and you did that with love in your heart and always remember that you are burying their body their Spirit and Souls stay with you.


Best bit: Kell’z Hero’s
The doctors and nurses that walked miles in the terribly cold weather to get to work True heroes in my book well done and Thank you for all the hard work, care and Compassion.