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Abuser.  An abuser will act like one person when you’re around family and friends, then another when the two of you are alone. your partner is charming when it comes to your family members, friends or even strangers, so when or if you were to say anything it would be hard to believe thet the Abuser was  as you say, Also they will know that other people  will not allow or tolerate the abuser’s behavior. You are at risk.   

Time, people who are in an abusive relationship stay because the abuser is sometimes very nice to them  which can be confusing giving you a false sense of security and hope that they will change.If someone abuses you once or twice a week or once a month it is still abuse and the chances of the abuse becoming more frequent and more violent are very high you are at risk.  

Controlling,  You may notice a controlling nature in situation. They will make it clear what is ok and what isn’t, choosing what you eat,  or whether or not it’s OK to talk to someone, even what you wear. Abusers have ways of manipulating you without screaming and shouting  maybe a look or tone of voice, if you feel like this with your partner and you tend to do what he has suggested this should be a warning sign to you. You are at risk