For the mum’s and dads out there who have not worked for a long time for what every reason, My child was special needs and it really wasn’t practical to go to work but as the children got older, I think I properly could have and wish I did get a part-time job, over the years my confidence as a women and not a mum was not very good at all. I am very good at multi-tasking organising if someone  said to me  go and do that job I would give it my best shot It is the interview I dread ῾Tell me about yourself῾ its like I lose the ability to talk.


Turn up on time work hard meet deadlines  and finish tasks


Positive Ideas for the team  not afraid to ask for help  and encourage others to contribute’


Listen to others ideas without arguing,

Problem Solver

Will provide a solution for a problem without complaining,


Support other team members respect there views and opinions,


Care about the team goals, shares best practice.

I believe I’m correct in saying that Most employers want the person with the skills above to work for them  I don’t believe there is a parent out there who hasn’t been doing or learning these skills from the day of your firstborn, I know I have. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world and one you can’t give up if you don’t like you are most probably more qualified  In these skills than a lot of people.