Parenting, teenagers Family Marriage issues. Domestic Violence, Abandonment and Lack of confidence, Esteem and worth are just some of the issues I cover.


Self-development, Motivation
And Life Coach

Finding a way to Change or Improve your life,
Everyone is different so you should have your own personal Plan to help achieve your goals
I know this is not easy but if you want it bad enough and you’re willing to put the hard work in This can Happen.

Friendly Honest and confidential service
I will Create  your own personal Plan
Help you to set your Goals,
Support and Motivate you to achieve your goals.
Daily updates for you to share your day, positive achievements or any concerns. Then we can find a solution to get back on track.
I will be available for you to contact me From 7.30am – 10 pm every day except Saturdays for any advice or support

The above is just one of the services I offer you may just need some advice, Help to move on after separation or coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.

The first email is completely free for you to tell me a bit about yourself and what you would like to change, Improve or help to manage, I will tell you what I can offer to help and support you If you’re not happy or it’s not for you that is completely fine.   I want to highlight this is strictly Private and confidential If you don’t require my help I will Delete any correspondence between us.

Trust, Honesty compassion and Respect

I am a very straightforward, very Honest  person I am offering to support motivate and find solutions but this is your journey for you to be free to have a happy healthy life and Relationships as a strong independent person, you want to change then you have to work for it I can’t  help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves. I need you to be completely honest, The good bad and the ugly you are hurting and fooling only yourself if you hold back, whatever you have to say about your life will not shock or surprise me.

Any Support or advice is from my own personal experiences of Trauma and abuse, research and Healing and recovery I have no medical training Please seek medical attention for diagnosis and medication. I offer help and advice as a guide only.