Sometimes we do things or act in ways to seek approval from others in the belief they are stronger more confident than you, maybe feel you would want to be like them and in reality, you are setting your self up for a fall  because More often than not, they are not what you believe them to be.

Examples 1 …    I allow others to see what I  want them to see,  The Body Language. and feeling I get from people I never go against, this will determine what they need to know.

Example  2…   One of the Mums  at the school  always had  a full face of makeup hair, done, Kids, looking fresh She allows you to think this is so easy like she just jumps out of bed and the makeup fly’s on her face, No my girl has been up since five am and its hard Work she would never tell you this, I’m not saying this is a bad thing This is how she wanted to be seen by others.

So the whole point Not everything and everyone is as you see them. Every one is different  what is good for you may not be for others that doesn’t mean its wrong.

Lesson Number 1 Dont worry about what other people are doing, Belive in yourself and find your own unique way, and who every dont like that Oh well.