The loss of a loved one can bring many emotions you can go through many stages I found the one feeling, the emotion that stayed with me the longest and affected me the most was the feeling of Guilt. When my son died I can’t tell you how many times I asked myself If I had done things differently maybe my son would be here today, or Am I to blame for his death The guilt I felt was such a big part of my thoughts, life, Even when the doctors said Anything I did or didn’t do would not have changed the outcome and how I am feeling is natural grief process. which seemed like a life time to except that was correct,  I then felt I would never recover from my loss How can you smile laugh and enjoy yourself again, I was correct I have never fully recovered I don’t believe my heart will ever be whole again but when I smile and  laugh now I believe our loved ones who is looking down feel relive,  My son is still a very big part of my life we talk of him all the time of Memories or the wonder of what he would be like had he been here, Privately I still feel my loss, my grief but I no longer feel guilt I can’t change what happened in the past I can only hope my son is at peace and he knows that I love and miss him dearly.

I know there are no words I could say to anyone who has lost a child that would help or ease that pain, I shared this to say you can smile and be happy again when that happens is when you are ready, there is no time limit to grief and loss.;loss

To the those who have lost a loved one,

I Send Love, strength and the will to continue to keep fighting God bless