# fatherfigure

The father figure

“Sam””Sam” Connor called his friends seeing him in the shop, Do you want to shout a little louder so everyone knows my name,” Sam said ” Sorry, ”  Conner said “What is the emergency, ” Sam asked”I was in court earlier for that theft, It got thrown out because of lack of evidence” Conner explained”That’s good bruv” Sam said sarcastically and that’s what you’re screaming and shouting about sam asked” Na forgot that I saw Riley and Milly” Connor said urgently What my Riley Sam asked Yes bruv I didn’t recognise Riley at first then the man called out Milly’s Paul’s She is the spitting image of you Sam”  Sam just stood there Staring at Connor for what seemed like ages, “Did you hear me bruv”? Connor asked Yea come outside tell me everything Sam said pulling Connor by the arm”you don’t have to pull me” What did they look like sam” asked” Ryle still Hot, fire hot” Conner said laughing but stopped when he saw  sam face not impressed I was going to go up to them and say hello but I thought I should come tell you first I couldn’t go in  the court because it was in juvenile there isn’t no public gallery  but I heard the solicitor tell them they have to come back on Friday”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,”Sam, sang”that’s Cool, ” Connor said”I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to the Lord I prayed for this day but thank you “,   both boys laughed. “To find out why she left, I have never figured out I know Riley loved me for real so what made her go? My brother said she must have had another man I don’t believe that ” Sam said,  “Riley’s, not that kind of girl, you know I Love you, Brother,,, and I would do anything for you, I still think your brother had something to do with it ” Connor said sincerely. I know that Con I really hope he didn’t I’m going find out once and for all I’ve missed out on Milly’s life for far too long. Sam said sadly.

14years earlier

Samuel Williams Jnr  had just moved into a new house with his Family, Mother Corel who was born in Spain and had come to England to be with her now Husband Samuel Williams senior and a younger brother Carl The new house was much better Sam thought no longer having to share a bedroom with Carl, Home life was good for a while. Then Samuel Senior Had an accident at the metal factory where he worked and sadly died Coral was devastated struggling to accept Samuel had died also to discover the Gambling debts her husband had left she was aware of her husbands love for the horse racing and cards as far as she was aware he would have a small bet on these To find out he maxed out credit cards taken loans was a complete shock also upsetting her thinking her beloved husband in a sense had deceived her The insurance money from the factory paid off these debts a small relive for Coral she now feared for the future of her boys and keeping a roof over their heads. Coral had taken on three jobs two cleaning and in the afternoon she worked in the  laundrette Sam could see the strain and stress this was putting on his mum  Sam and Connor meet at school in the headmaster’s office they had both been sent for bad behaviour they got on so well from that day they were always together

“I am worried about my mum “Sam said to Connor “she works so hard and still struggles  ” he said  “I know how you feel all my mum ever does is scream and shouts at my brother and sisters there is never enough of anything in the house it had been like this since Connor’s dad left just after his twin sisters were born seven years ago “It’s horrible to hear my mum cry I wish I could make it better” Connor said “We should make some money and help them” sam said”What we going to do”? “We will have to make a plan,” Sam said The plan came to sam the very next day he was dropping Carl off to his mum in the laundry the owner was there and when he left he shouted back to Coral  “Remember to hang the keys up for shelly,” he said. Shelly was the lady who worked there at the weekend”Stupid man” coral said”when the place gets robbed it will be his own fault” Sam went in to the toilet and unlocked the window making sure it was shut tight looking like it was locked  and the following evening sam and Connor climbed through the window this was very easy for Connor as he was really quite skinny but for Sam it was more of an effort  Connor was laughing at sam struggling through the window “I told you to stop eating your Mum’s cake”  he said “Shut up ” sam said laughing at his self, Taking the keys hanging in the office and emptying all the money from the machines in to Connor rucksack Sam’s’ heart was racing so much he knew if his mother found out he would be in so much trouble.

She never did find out and the boys would give their mums some of the money every couple of days saying they had been washing cars. Sam and Connor continued making plans each time the risk of getting caught got higher but the gain was as just as high still always taking money to their mothers Sam said “my mum doesn’t look so tired now” and Connor laughed and said, “well my mum still shouts”.

The boys always stayed together in everything they did Connor meet Sara and Riley was Sara best friend and it wasn’t long after Sam and Riley got together and over the next year their relationship became very strong, there was concern from both parents that sam and Ryle was too young at 15 to have such a serious relationship,  this fell on deaf ears.  A  few months later Ryle discovered she was pregnant, Again the parent expressed concern that they were too young to be parents and advised Ryile to have a termination, Sam promised Riley he would do anything he had to make sure her and the baby had all they needed together they decided to continue the pregnancy  Milly was born weighing 6lb 2oz after a long painful labour with sam by Ryle’s side A month later she was gone with Milly  No explanation no reason why.

Sam and Connor was sitting at the kitchen table eating Corals stew Sam was telling his mum  that Connor had seen Riley and Milly gently holding sam face in her hand Son I’m so happy for you and for me to you must make it right and bring them both back in to our lives You can show her what a wonderful father and kind man  you are You proved this after we sadly lost Daddy you stepped up as a man and looked after me and your brother I thank you for that Allowing Carl to have a father figure in his life Sam got of his chair went over to his mum you never have to thank me I will always look after you both I love you and Carl  Sam declared wiping a tear from his mothers face Stop all this Mother and get the cake out I need to feed this brother up turning to Connor who looked like he was going to cry Don’t you start he said laughing.

Carl had been sitting on the stairs Listening to his mother and brother and he knew he had to put thing right. He walked into the kitchen “you alright carl” Connor asked “yea” he replied “Sam I need to tell you something” Carl said nervously Whats up bruv you, okay”  sam asked “It’s my fault its all my fault”  “what is””Riley leaving I told her that you didn’t want to be tied down with a kid you don’t love her and that you will end up in jail trying to make money for them and then mum wouldn’t be able to cope without you,  and if she loved you she would let you go”  “WHAT WHY” Sam screamed at Carl “I was scared that we would lose you and I would never be able to look after Mum like you did, Im so sorry Sam” Sorry your fucking sorry ive missed out on my daughters life because you are a selfish Little boy, you have let me sit here fuck up my head asking what I did for them to leave me and you are fucking sorry­ Connor looked at sam and he knew was whas coming next Sam punched carl in the face knocking him to floor he kicked and stamped on his brother “ill show you sorry” Coral was screaming “Stop please stop “Connor draged Sam of Carl” that its bruv no more “Carl layed still on the kitchen floor there was blood all over the walls Corol was screaming “his not moving you killed him” Sam dropped to the floor and cryed big sobs shook his body Connor went over to Carl to see if he was breathing “Its, ok he breathing get me some towels mum and warm water it be ok connor said crying looking his friend on the floor sobbing He Cleaned Carls face which brought him back round, thankfully he had just  been knocked out. coral cradled carl” its ok son it’s going to be ok” Sam got up of the floor wiping his face on his t-shirt “I will never forgive you for this your no brother of mine”. he said with so much hate in his eyes him and Connor walked out the kitchen and up the stair.
Written and owned by K.L.Smith