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I was just catching up on this weeks news I was reading the article about Liz hurleys Nephew sadly being stabbed Thankfully he is recovering Liz Hurley has said she is going to campaign to make the UK streets safer which can only be a good thing.

Last year I set a group up to support children’s Charity’s and share awareness of the knife crime and the fact that our children are killing and abusing each other Shamefully I never received any support at all forcing me to close the group I said then and I will say again now If I was selling Designer clothes, shoes ect I believe I would have got more response I also said that no one is concerned or bothered about the children that are being killed on the street until this affects them I wasn’t asking for money I was asking for people to share post and awareness . A lot of people have very negative opinions about the young people of today but do absolutely nothing to help to make it better or at least get their fact straight.

Don’t wait until Knife crime affects your family, Share awareness support the charity’s that are trying to help It doesn’t have to be with money, sharing their post can help just as much.