The Monsters

“This really is your last warning Karen If you have any more contact with Joe or you allow him to be around the children we will have no option but to remove the children from your care”, “It’s not that easy when he turns up at the door” Karen said, “Call the police” “and how do you suppose I do that the few times I have let him in was because its safer for me and the kids If I say he can’t come in he will smack me one” “I understand what you’re saying” Emma said  “well actually I don’t think you do, you said if I make a statement again him he would go jail that never  happened, I asked you to help with the housing so I could move out of the area that never happened, Now you are saying you will take my kids from me How does that work out, when are you going to help me like you say” “It’s not that straight forward Karen, “I will speak to my manager about a supporting letter for the housing” “I spoke to the head  at Chrissy’s school, they said they are quite concerned with the people she seems to be mixing with,  they are not a good influence on her, and her attendance is  not the greatest so can you make sure she is here for my next visit please Karen.

Karen felt so stressed and upset after the social worker left, also worried that if Joe came how was she going to stop him from coming in the house she was not strong enough to take another beating from him, she was still in constant pain with her legs after Joe had broken than them both with a bat. “You alright mum did the monster upset you” Karens youngest daughter Lilly said cuddling her mum so tight, “Don’t worry we will be ok” Lilly was only eight but was very wise for her age she had seen a lot in her little life “Do you want me to get you a glass mum” Lilly asked Karen  “Its a bit early Lil” Karen said”no-one will know ” Lil said “No I’m fine darling ill make myself a coffee in a minute love you, my special little girl”,  “Can I go downstairs to the park please mum” Lilly asked “cause you can you stay where I can see you ok”  “okay mum”Lilly skipped out the door. Karen, went into the kitchen making herself a coffee pouring a large vodka into it, she needed it steady her nerves.

Lilly saw Chrissy with her friends she run over to them “Hello Lil” they all said “The monster upset mummy again, said that she going to take us away if mum lets Joe in again” “Don’t worry yourself little one” Craze said picking Lil up and spinning her around “we will all make sure you and your sis won’t be going anywhere” looking at Chrissy smiling, Craze was Chrissy’s boyfriend “Go and play with your friends Lil don’t come out of the park till the ice cream man comes, here get you and your friends an ice-cream” Chrissy gave Lil a fiver “I’ll go and see mum now don’t worry, “Do you lot want to come and chill at mine case that fucking dick head turns up ”  everyone said “yea” Frankie said “I’ll go get a couple of bottle yea”

You all right Mum” Chrissy asked “Hello mum”  all the kids said  “Hello ” “Yea I’m ok Darling, where’s Lil”? Karen asked   “she okay she in the park gave her money for her and her  little friends to get   ice-cream” Chrissy told her mum   “Thank you darling”  “were  going chill here for a bit mum is that okay” Chrissy asked “yea course it is  their stuff for sandwiches and biscuits n the kitchen”  Karen was feeling sleepy the vodka and her anti depression was kicking in Karen would rather be asleep for a short while at least to have some peace of mind “Keep eye on your sister Chris” “I will mum don’t worry you just rest up, Chrissy laid a blanket over her mum, She kissed her head and said “Sweet dreams mum love you” . Craze was watching Chrissy “I have to sort this once and for all” Chrissy said to Craze “I’ll help you whatever you want me to do babe We all will”  Craze said “I know that babe thank you, I’m going call boss man and call in that favor I can’t stand by and watch my mum suffer anymore”

“Hello” “Is that Boss man”? Chrissy asked ” Who that” the man on the phone asked “Its  Chrissy from the Redwood do you remember me”   “How can I forget a princess like you Whats up babe” “I need some help to  stop my Mum’s EX Coming to the house, the social is saying they going to take my sister from my mum, Last time he broke my mum’s legs when  she tried to protect me and sister,  he will hurt her again. Princess, I never forget how you helped me and saved my arse from jail so, My Sweet your wish is my command, Meet me at the parade at Seven tonight okay princess”, “Thank you so much, Bossman”.


To be continued …..

Written and owned by K.L.Smith