I think a lot of people myself included spent many years trying to fit into a Family, Group, or Culture to feel included, the same as everyone, This can lead to behaving  out of character In every environment whether it be at home, school or work, yours taught to go along with what is expected,  

At Home, your siblings are all sitting down drawing or watching TV but you want to do something different but you’re told you can do that later go and sit down with your sibling because that easier you all doing the same, why have you got to be different, 

At school the teacher expects you to do the same as everyone else if you do something different then you’re a difficult child because it’s easier for you to sit down like the rest,

At work, you have a job to do it’s been done the same way for the last 1000 years so you try a new way but you are told to go back to the old way regardless if your new way is more efficient,  Don’t get too big for your boots.

Before I continue I am not suggesting we should all rebel and do what we like and cause mayhem in school, home, or work  

My point is, your made to feel you should be like everyone else and when you’re not, you can’t compete with the others or if you are different in some way you’re rejected or there must be something wrong with you, I cant tell you how many times I’ve heard it being said, To be yourself, Believe in your self,and don’t compare yourself to others, It like your being set up for a fall because to have your own individuality or do things differently in many cases your spat back out like a reject which can hurt and affect your confidence and esteem.   

I was always the piece of the puzzle that never fitted or it was just was the wrong Puzzle F**k It, I’m different just as good as the next  and that suit me just Fine, What you see is what you get if you don’t like me that’s okay, We are all different we all like different things.