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Have you ever done something for maybe the wrong reasons Taking a chance that it will work out for the best

You start a relationship with someone Because you are on the rebound, or to piss your ex off, maybe you are lonely this person is not your usual type but its better than sitting at home every night alone, there could be many reasons why.

After a little while when you realise you made a wrong move, that the other person really isn’t  what you want or any issue you had  you are feeling stronger and more confident,  Just as you decide to end the relationship the other person proposes  Marriage, Do you,

A,  End the relationship as kindly as possible saying you want to live life a bit before settling down.

B Stay with them be a total Bitch till they end it with you,

C Agree to marry them and try to work at the relationship you may grow to Love Them.


pexels-photo-362646You should choose,

D, Don’t get involved in a relationship unless you have true feelings for that person, Build yourself back up from Hurt and separation. Do not  continue or ever agree to marriage with someone you do not truly have feelings for this will almost defiantly hurt the other person and yourself,