neews                              26/03/18


I saw on the news that there is a shocking number of people from west London that has signed up to a  Controversial website that helps you cheat on your partner, What kind of person makes a website like this was my first thought,but after seeing the Figures of the people who had  joined, Basically you will struggle to find a partner in the whole of west London that isn’t a cheating rat.

Twickenham Murder probe heartswewew

The family was named this week, I find it heartbreaking to read and without asking why? and going into too much detail. The husband and the two children Ages 7 and 10 were found at the bottom of the Cliff The posts-Mortem on the 12/03/18 said they all died from multiple injuries consistent with falling from a height I can’t imagine what was going through the man’s mind to commit such a cruel heartless act to take the poor little children with him over that cliff, I don’t believe there is anything that could justify his actions. My Love and thoughts are with the family,  R.I.P Sweet Angels and your Mummy God bless.


How can they do this, I bet the price doesn’t go down with the size.