Parents of teenagers will experience Many Emotions From being Upset, Furious, Frustration and when things get really bad and you have to lock yourself in the bathroom to compose yourself  these are just a few to start us off 

Overnight your child can change from a sweet, kind and adorable child to someone who feels so embarrassed by what you say and do,  “What you going to wear that out Mum”  or ” It’s ok Mum I can go on my own”

No more asking many times for them to get in the shower you will start ask do you really need to have a shower every time you move.

Don’t bother to ask if they are ok or what did they do today, the usual answer is “Why you asking so many questions” or “Why you spying on me”

Don’t take things to personal Try understand your child is going through big changes physically and emotionally and the main aim is to help each other deal with this painless as possible.