I believe it is the parents responsibility to teach your child’s Life skill, sex education, also about the risks and dangers that are now on our street What the children are taught at school are Guide lines and very much the basics, I’m not knocking it because if it is the only advice a child is getting then some its better than none.

No-one will love and protect my children as I  do I wanted to teach them Human compassion,  morals and Self respect and worth  not from someone who is doing their job.


Without writing a whole long story, I taught my son.’s to always respect their partners, Don’t ever raise your hand to them, sometimes people will push you to your ultimate level where you can lose control, if this is happening then Say Good-bye, don’t look back this is what a real man would do. If you are not ready to take responsibility for a child, Always cover your bits and bobs  not just for unwanted pregnancy but STI’S .  If you are not happy with your partner be honest and say so,  Do not ever cheat it may hurt your partner that the relationship has come to an end, but finding  out you was cheating will hurt a whole lot more,

Think the worse and hope for the best ..

To the parent of teenage girls the hardest thing to do is accept your little girls growing up in to a little women please trust me  the worst thing you can do is be in denial and if you are still saying “Not my Girl she wouldn’t do things like that ” you are on a slippery road I was happy to blame My daughters friends  encouraging her to be like this but like they say the truth hurts and to except that she was not being pressured She was just as bad as her friends sometimes worse.If I could go back and advice myself I would say think the worse and hope for the best  I just prolonged my agony This also caused so much tension and stress with my other children, because I kept defending my youngest, my Son’s kept saying to me “mum wake up and see whats going on” and this just distressed me even more, I am publicly apologising to my other children  for being so Blind I know you was only trying to help me Thank you for all your love and continued support Love you lots xxx

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Tips to help Parent with teenage Girls they need a whole page, because they are hard work lol x

Written by K.L.Smith from my own personal experiences.