cropped-klsmith-e15183623123481.jpgI gave up my Family and friends for you”.    

“I did everything for you”

No-one will love you like me” 




Invested time, Love and energy Building  a life, a home with that special person Beliving you would be together for ever,and that can Happen, but unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t work out the way we planned or expected due to many different reason or circumstances as we can’t predict the future.  When you are still very much in Love with your partner and out of the blue he ends the relationship It is Heartbreaking, I can truly say that this smashed my heart to bits and it was a great Lose to me ,

Even tho It no longer Hurts, I still Love and Miss him very much, We promised each other  we would grow old together,I always believed we would, Maybe In another life time ❤   If I could go back, would I do it all again, Yes, yes ,yes In a heart beat, But instead of giving my all I would Leave a little aside For emergency.

It hurts like crazy and when you gave all you got not only do you lose the one you love your left with absolutely nothing, taking a lot longer to pick yourself up and recovery, If you leave a little in reserve yes it still hurts but you have something to hold on to pull you up .