Telegraph Reporters
22 JANUARY 2018 • 8:22AM
Many young women are not attending smear tests because they are embarrassed about their bodies, a cancer charity has warned.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust said it was concerned that body image issues, including the perception of what is “normal”, could be putting women’s lives in danger. One in four eligible women (aged 25-64) do not currently take up their invitation for a smear test, rising to one in three among 25-29-year-olds. It is even as high as one in two in some areas of the UK.

The charity conducted a survey which found that more than a third of women (35 percent) are failing to get tested because of their body shape. Concerns over smelling “normally” (38 percent) were also a factor. The poll of women aged between 25 and 35 also found a third (31 percent) admitted they would not go if they had not waxed or shaved their bikini area. But despite low screening attendance, almost every woman (94 percent) said they would have a free test to prevent cancer if one was available.


You would expect this from young girls maybe but from grown women. The doctors don’t care what you look like, As for Smell have a shower shave wax before your appointment. Are these women saying that they would rather lose their life over there smell and look and if this woman has Daughters, what example are you setting As a parent we are responsible for our children? yes, they should be independent but also knowing that I will continue to Love, support and guide them till my end, I don’t want to bury another child especially because of vanity.