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Definition of Parental responsibility As a parent, you have the legal and moral obligation to ensure that your child is both looked after and well-behaved. 

Many Articles I have read stated that if your child runs away or keeps the company of poor role model or influences then more often than not they are being abused physically and or emotionally and basically it the parents fault for either abusing their child or having no control over them or have any boundaries,  sadly there are children that are abused by their parents.

If your child wants to leave the house any time day or night, you can not Physically stop or restrain them you can ask them not to go.

your child goes missing/runs away and you find them, they refuse to come home you cannot physically force them only ask them to come home.

If you try to restrain or try to stop  your child from leaving the house or physically force them to come home you can then be arrested for assault on a minor,

You do the responsible thing as a parent and report your child Missing to the police, who inform Child protection, who come to your home and basically say you’re a shit parent and has no boundaries or control, and then to ask your child are you being treated ok at home, Really,  As parent you don’t stand a chance The corrupt Government, the system and the child  kidnappers Social services have set us all up.

I have one Question

I was robbed of my parental rights by the government.

So what are you going to do to stop our children killing each other? You Clearly don’t have any control or boundaries when will you all be going to Jail for Child Neglect?