purple-starsI know sometimes having them talks with your children can be a bit awkward,and it is a parent Instinct to protect their child so we kinda sugar coat issues, The dangers and the risks on the streets today are too high for you not to be  open and honest with your children, you could really put them at risk by not letting them see the real world. This is for all Parent please don’t believe that bad thing only happen to poverty-struck kids from broken home, I know for a fact that is not the case Teach your children especally young girls self-love and confidence so they dont feel the need to seek Attention from people who may not have there best intrest at heart  My daughter looks in the mirrow and feels no way to say “look how beautiful I am mum” because that is what I taught her she does not need to beg love or attention because she has enough right here.

To any young lady’s reading this

Self- respect Self-love self-worth, STRONG, INDEPENDENT, BOSS BITCH

When the guy calls you Beautiful and you’re his baby and then pays for your nails or your hair to be done Be careful you don’t pay dearly for these.

I am not saying everyone will exploit or treat you badly but until you can tell the difference go do some chores for Muma and pay for your own nails.

our children matter