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There has been a lot of news about the knife Crime and Sadly how many people have lost their lives, also Much needed Awareness,

As for the Government something should have been done a long time ago, I believe that a Curfew for under 18’s should be put in place but I read that there isn’t enough manpower to control it, Well if something isn’t done soon their won’t be many next-generation men left because they would have killed each other.

The usual Blame game,  it’s the Parents fault so a lot of people think, and lets not forget one comment I read  “You don’t see white people killing each other “That really helps, you Racist $%^Y***(  Its people like you who create a divide in our Community’s, I’m not sure where you come from but it’s not about colour All Children Matter regardless of colour or culture. and I pray that your white folk are not affected by the knife crime and a piece of advice If you have nothing sensible or helpful to say Sit down and rest your mouth, as for it’s all the parents fault, of course, there are useless and abusive parents but if you look you will see that there are hard-working parents struggling because of the system the government has put in place.

So my last word is, A big shout out to the parents who are working hard and doing their best I send much love and strength to carry on,