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I think it really depends on the age of your children and circumstances,   but Harder as they get older, I am speaking from a women’s point of view but this will apply to the wonderful Daddy’s out there too.

Firstly Everyone is entitled to have relationships/friendships even if you have children I believe that your children must be your priority whatever relationship status you have and their feelings to be considered

From my personal experience, I stayed single for many years because of my past relationships and the effects of Past abuse I know I would never stay in an abusive relationship So I never feared to expose the children to that, to be honest, I was more concerned about myself as I never felt totally confident that I had recovered or had a clear mind thoughts So be sure of the relationship you are in before bringing them home

Age 1-5  is probably the easiest age to introduce someone new and for a partner to build a relationship with your child as they adapt to how you are running your life. Do not under any circumstance Allow your child to call your partner Daddy always correct them even if their biological father has no contact Stepparents can be a great parental Figure eventually Believe me Honest really is best.

Age 5-10 When you are in a new relationship and you all loved up please bear in mind this age  a child will more likely feel pushed out, unloved and unwanted especially if it was just you and them before your new partner came along if this happens you will have a whole load of problems, issue to come with your child as they get older. Take things slowly at first try not to stop thing you and your child do together on a regular basis maybe ask your child if your partner can come one week If they say No DO NOT just bring them anyway. Explain that this is your friend and you hope you all get along so your child understands that you are not asking permission you’re saying what is happening and nothing will change between you. Make sure your new partner Knows that your children are your priority any decent fella will understand that and if they don’t Jog them on x

Age 10 -16 Good luck lol

Now is where the games begin, make sure you don’t change too much at this age children  have a way of making a parent feel very guilty and will use this weakness to get what they want Please don’t tell Fibs, you have given in to your child’s demands for an easy life like myself I’m going to keep this short as long as you are still looking after your children loving and supporting them and you haven’t abandoned them and run off with your new fella always take the childen in to concideration but that doesnt mean your life has to stop.