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I think its very hard to find a partner that you love and trust and their feelings are  mutual, So my personal opinion is If you find that in the same-sex relationship or age difference, (Never under age either sex and always mature enough to have a relationship) if you can find true Love and happiness I say go for it and enjoy.

In a lifetime I believe you only have one or two sexual partners that are”The One” you fit together and  connect in bed Feeling the most comfortable, Sexy Experimental and you may always compare the reason is,   you have never loved another  as deeply, passionately and complete as” The One ”  that’s not to say you can not have an amazing sex life with a new partner so don’t wait around for the hope you will find it again, believe me, you could be just missing out on a loving relationship On an If, but, and a maybe.

Do what makes you happy Never feel ashamed of wanting a loving healthy sexual relationship or if you don’t want one don’t just go along with that because you feel you should or pressured into it

Always practise safe sex if you are not in a long-term relationship and have regular sexual health checks  LOVING YOURSELF.