I read in the news about the police raids I believe Six men, Three women and a 14-year-old were arrested Guns and Class A drugs were found Below is what the Commissioner had to say, 


Commissioner Cressida Dick, who accompanied officers on the raid in Blenheim Close, said: “After some really good, strong work over the last few months, we were in a position to go out and execute warrants in relation to a number of people.”

Commissioner Dick said the operation targeted those suspected of “supplying crack cocaine”, “using violence” and “exploiting vulnerable people and very young people” in criminal activities.

“It sends a very strong signal to the public, who are very supportive in the police in these sorts of operations, that we are putting a lot of effort into carrying out work like this,” she added.

Of course this can only be seen as a positive Move forward but the supply of Crack Cocaine and young people being exploited has been increasing as fast as the kids have been killing each other, So why only now are you in a position to execute warrants Maybe if this had Happened sooner we could have saved some young people’s Life, I am sure the public is relieved you are finally doing something 

If you could possible keep up the really good strong work and do what you are paid to do you may even get a round of applause.

Written by K.L.Smith


Ealing Council voted unanimously to introduce the first ban on protesters demonstrating outside an abortion clinic in Mattock Lane on Tuesday night (April 10).

Cabinet members voted in favour of allowing a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to create a protest-free “safe zone” outside the Marie Stopes clinic.

I think everyone can have a opinion I personally think that Under certain Life situations  Rape victims,  under aged girls, Mental health issues , Failed contraception ECT Abortions should be an option and they  should not be greeted by some very vocal demonstraters but I do not agree that abortion should be used as a form of contraception that some females do .

——————————–Queen of Cups Universal Rider Waite


There is a tendency to listen to your heart and emotions over anything that you maybe thinking. This could be good or bad, depending on the situation.

 she is one of the more beautiful queens. She has a feminine quality to her, which is usually done up with makeup and beautiful clothing. She will probably have a good fashion sense.

 as a Mother She will put her husband before her children. She believes that a happy family starts with a happy marriage. She will be a good mother though. She allows her children to grow up around the arts. 

When you pick the Queen of Cups, she is telling you to feel your emotions and understand them. Your emotions are attached to your intuitive nature and the Queen of Cups urges you to listen to them.