So I am going to disagree with my children I am not Stubborn or spoilt, I will say it is strong-willed and determined,

I woke up yesterday morning  and decided I no longer want my Sofa and my thinking If I throw it out this will encourage me to get new ones .

Round 1

I volunteered my Teenage daughter and her friend to help, after a few hours of trying to get it out the door “It’s not going to come out Mum” my reply “if I got it IN then it can come out ” I wasn’t Happy the sofa is going.

Round 2

My Son  and my teen daughter and friends, yes it was a struggle we got it out even if half my door frame and staircase went with it, I didn’t like them either

Son   “I only came to make sure you were ok before I went home Mum I’ve got a cut arm and I’m knackered ”

I love you children and friends Thank you, Teen, Daughter you can come home now I promise no more removal XXX

"Technically I have managed to get that big old sofa out the door..."