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I can honestly say, I am glad we are entering a new week because the last one was very long and stressful​,
New rules ….I am never doing decorating​, moving furniture or Believing​ my children when they promise to help me if I help them lol ​.

On a more serious note,methode-times-prod-web-bin-d81fded4-c84e-11e6-89fb-efb68b0c62ff

I was a appropriate adult for a young person in custody, I was shocked and disqusted by the atttititide of the rude disrespectful custody officer, I understand that people are in custody because they are suspected of a crime and I am in no way justifying any criminal activitys, but they doesnt mean they should be treated like animals. I do belive in this county the law says you are innocent until proven guilty,  I will say the last custody officer that I dealt with later on in the day was a kind polite gentlemen, Thank you