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Problem Page.
Problem Page.


I received this email from a lady who I will obviously be keeping her Details  Private, but she has agreed for me to post this I have replied with my advice but I am very interested in what others think she should do.

To Kellz,

I really need some advice I have been single for a long while reasons being my past relationships haven’t been the greatest, and can do without the Drama’s, in saying that I hadn’t ruled out being in a relationship in the future.I am really attracted to this guy and it has really confused me because I don’t want to be, not because there is anything wrong, he is a lovely guy.  I can’t stop thinking about him Why him? why now? Do you think when I have said I’m happy being on my own I have been lying to myself?

until now I have always thought things in life happen for a reason, you are meant to meet people at that time in your life,

should I just try to get over this guy? or leave it to fate?

Lady ***** I believe has choices and reasons only herself can answer by looking within Herself.

Do you think Lady **** is maybe trying to convince herself that she is happy without a close Sexual relationship because of lack of confidence, fear of rejection or getting it wrong?

  • should Lady**  Avoid this guy and work on her self-confidence and esteem and get to know herself again I know you can’t predict the future but it is good to go into a relationship knowing what you want from this.
  • maybe  Just go with the flow and see what happens Maybe she is right you are meant to meet people at certain times of your life.
  • or playfully Flirt a little without being to obvious show how attracted you are to him and if the chance presents its self, Go have Fun and lots of sexy time.


Before you choose it hasn’t been said if Lady***  thinks the guy knows she is attracted to him or he has shown any sign of mutual attraction.

Written by K.L.S.Lifestylez  26/04/18